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Cedric Williams is the new voice of Face on Nickelodeon’s “Face’s Music Party”

Face, Nickelodeon’s beloved 90s mascot, is back for a new generation of preschoolers in Face’s Music Party starting 6/6! The interactive series that combines animation and live action will feature a reimagined Face as host and VJ, playing modern pop hits and revamped nursery school classics to create the ultimate music party. The new voice of Face, Cedric Williams stopped by Check the Rhymes to chat about the series.


We are beyond proud to finally be able to announce that our client, Eugene Cordero, is officially the new Spokesperson for Simply Juice’s nee campaign (a Coca-cola brand)! Congratulations, Eugene! 

Eugene beat out some huge names to get this endorsement deal. The negotiations were grueling at times, but my I had an easier job than all the other agents fighting for this role for their clients. Why? Because Eugene has remained as genuine and authentic as he has ever been- despite his success- and that comes across on camera! He is relatable, HYSTERICAL, and that is not only why ad agencies love him, but why audiences everywhere do too. Not to mention this is such a groundbreaking win for the AAPI community as well! Eugene, you deserve this and I couldn’t be more honored that you put your trust in me to represent you. Enjoy the ride!

Victoria Grace’s LA Times article about Dubbing 

Inside a Netflix recording studio off Sunset Boulevard, director Kyung Sok Kim, associate producer Anastasia Barbato and engineer Yoav Litman scanned a big screen as they replayed a scene from an episode of “All of Us Are Dead.” They subbed in audio from an English recording made by two voice actors in a sound booth nearby. 

The trio carefully watched to be sure the English words matched the mouths of the Korean actors and the performance was authentic to the script.

Click below to read the entire Los Angeles Times article.